SmartTrak is one of the pioneers and leading manufacturing company, independently dealing and designing, innovative solar tracking solutions. Our expertise in design, engineering, monitoring and control has made us exemplary in the world of renewable source of energy, addressing climate change issue globally.


Breakthrough in Design

  • Designed in accordance with industry state-of-art
  • Highly customized structural and tracker design
  • Designed for easier and quicker configuration of tracking control system

Unique Software Development

  • Unique software prediction algorithm with soft stall feature to prevent hardware damage
  • Innovative software to monitor the health of actuator, motor, mechanical and civil structures

Integrated Services

  • Integrated solution at one stop
  • Easier and quicker configuration of solar tracker on calls
  • Online monitoring and control system with customized wireless networking platform
  • Economical solar tracker for higher Returns-on-Investment for clients

Our Clients