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Mankind progress in the last century has been nothing short of phenomenal. Yet, we had to pay a heavy price for it. The results are there for all to see, in the form of depleted and non-renewable resources, global warming which possesses a very threat to civilization itself and an unfavorable tilt in ecosystems all across the globe.

With energy supply nowhere near to even ten percent of the global demand and the citizenry up in arms against further abuse of the planet, governments across the world are now placed in an unenviable position of having to figure out a way out of this quagmire and not fall behind in their established paces of industrialization while giving precedence to Mother Earth. Luckily for us all, solar energy has emerged as the


Single Axis Tracking System

Helios S10- Horizontal Single Axis Tracking System:


  • A ground mounted system designed to fit large scale PV farms and equally applicable to utility scale customers.
  • Maximizes the exposure of the solar modules to the sun.
  • A microprocessor based solution with inbuilt predictive solar position algorithms Offers a higher energy yield up to 25% Low installation and maintenance costs.
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Dual Axis Tracking System

Helios D10-Dual Axis Tracking System:


  • Designed to produce up to 35% higher energy yield compared to fixed installations.
  • Optimized to follow the exact position of the sun throughout the day.
  • An intelligent design which contains a rotary slew drive and an actuator motor driven by Controller.
  • Comes equipped with an inbuilt predictive logarithm which is fed into the microprocessor thatMore

Solar Water Pumps

Frequent power disruptions do affect the constant flow of water to the fields and result in a poor produce. Considering the fact that agriculture still constitutes a major chunk of our GDP and will continue to do so for some time to come, solar water pumps relieve the sector of a huge bottleneck paving the way for smoother irrigation and allied activities.

SmartTrak Solar Systems as an expert in solar water pumping with dual axis tracking technology, provides the mostMore